Grand theft auto 3 cheat

grand theft auto 3 cheat

San Andreas auto Beta (1.2) KapayL Addon.
After the back wheels go over and auto the car starts to tip, have Claude exit and fall onto the tunnel theft roof.He has to jump over an obstruction then can go over the middle of the tunnel roof to Staunton, where theft some theft invisible auto solid stuff won't let him continue to Shoreside Vale unless he uses the ledge at the side of the roof.Thanks to sk for the next two ways.To let Claude Speed leave Portland the fastest, easiest way: right-click the game folder, click Properties, and un-check the "Read Only" green dot-click to OK that for sub-folders, etc.When you want Claude to appear in either town, have him jump from below the town into the blue stuff and he'll appear on the land above.A 3rd grand way to get to Staunton early: have Claude go out on the red girder that extends from the right side of the Callahan Bridge to about 6 feet (?) from the end of the 2nd straight length of the girder.How to see Darkel in Liberty City.You can put Darkel into "III" with Notepad.Ilikedressingup - Change Outfit/Skin, itsallgoingmaaad - Peds grand Fight Each Other.Giveusatank - Tank, bangbangbang - Blow Up All Cars. Grand Theft Auto 3: Tool by SeryogaSK.
Dodo 250000. 1 600.0 160.0 -0.17.
Un-check the australia green dot 1st as described above.
You might try using him as your lead character a bit with the requirements "ifeellikedressingup" code.Then click Edit Replace, and replace recovery "scum_man" with "darkel" in e and datapedgrp.Go into g-where you might go, anyway, to soup up the Submission vehicles or the Rumpo (to make "Big N' Veiny" easier)-and recovery give fireworks a vehicle a -1 in column I: percent submerged.Then, when Claude drives the vehicle toward the far end of the Callahan or lift bridge and it falls into the water, he'll appear in it on the other side of the bridge.Type in the following codes while playing for the desired effect: Code Result, melbourne gunsgunsguns - All Weapons, ifiwerearichman - More Money.Have him jump onto the silver pipe to the right.Make a back-up copy of g in My Documents.A 2nd elements way to get to Staunton early: have Claude back the Banshee W over the concrete roof of the tunnel in NW Portland toward the water from about where the middle of the road below.This replaces the male tramp with Darkel.Make copies in My Documents of two data files: e and pedgrp.Send him N, moving the mouse to keep the "camera" on the roof below the blue stuff.Gesundheit - Full Health, morepoliceplease - Raise Wanted Level, nopoliceplease - Lower Wanted Level.Type the following codes during the game play gunsgunsguns weapons ifiwerearichman money gesundheit health turtoise OR turtoise armor itsallgoingmaaad crazy pedestrians nobodylikesme.

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